Sunday, 4 November 2012

10 bad cell phone habits that we are all often guilty of doing

 1. Leaving your phone to charge overnight

Call it convenience or laziness, people have this bad habit of plugging up their device each and every night before bed. It’s arguable as to how this will negatively affect the handset in the long run, but heck, it’s sucking up precious electricity. Of course, we’re seeing more energy efficient chargers that automatically shut off once a handset is fully charged.

2. Not placing it on silent for specific occasions
You know you’re going to the movies. Heck, they even play a quick video before a flick is about to play stressing the need to turn off your phone or place it on silent. However, there are still people who forget to do such things, so when your catchy Britney Spears ringtone starts playing, you might actually allow it to play to its entirety in order to prevent people from figuring out where it’s coming from in a crowded room.

3. Talking obnoxiously loud while on a conversation
Can you hear me now? That’s probably what comes to mind for those people who have to deal with obnoxiously loud individuals chattering away on their phones. No, we don’t need to really know what you’re having for dinner tonight, so why don’t you just tone down the volume just a little bit.

4. Sharing conversations over speakerphone
Sheesh, you’re already super loud with your tone of voice with phone calls, but why do you have the urge to put your entire conversation on speakerphone? In addition to dealing with your yappy voice, the people around you will now suffer more having to hear the muffled voice of the person on the other end of the line.

5. One-worded responses to text messages
OMG! Okay! Well…..we know what you’re thinking. Text messages shouldn’t be long conversations, but on the other end of the spectrum, one-worded responses can be interpreted in many ways. Some people might think that you don’t care or not interested, but even worse, it’s a real drag for those who don’t have an unlimited messaging plan attached to their line. Therefore, every single message received or sent is vital, so you’d better expand just a bit to make the most out of it.

6. Talking or chatting on the phone at inappropriate times
It’s a Friday night, and you’re out on a hot date ready to order something, but you realize that the other person across the table is chit-chatting away – all the while, the waiter is patiently waiting to take down your order. Not only are they going to peeve that waiter, but their actions speak louder than their conversation on the phone. Sure, you might press on trying to get them off the phone, but the damage is done already.

7. Texting while in the middle of conversations
You’re in a hotly debated conversation with friends or peers, but then all of a sudden, someone from the bunch decides to whip out their phone and text away. You’re trying to get a point across with everyone, but this one standout person is oblivious to what you’re saying, which means you’ll be repeating things later on. Needless to say, it’s annoying that people aren’t listening as they’re doing their own thing.

8. Being totally engrossed by your phone
Getting a brand spanking new device makes some people want to know every single detail about it, but as time goes on, the interest should hopefully fade. Well, there are just some individuals that are constantly engrossed by their device. Your significant other might be trying to do something a bit different, but there you are, on your phone watching a YouTube video of funny injury outtakes on bed. Buzz kill, right?

9. Bringing the phone to the dinner table
After a long day at work, you’re headed home to have a nice meal with the family – where it’s considered to be the perfect bonding time. However, there’s a single rebel at the table who decided to bring their phone. Looking around, you can instantly spot who it is, as they’re staring down at the floor, with both hands under the table. Kids and teenagers might be guilty of this, but adults can be at fault too, as they sometimes bring work home.

 10. Distracted driving

Without question, at one point or another, we were all guilty of doing this one while driving. Certainly, some people have changed their ways and vowed to never use their handset while driving after fully comprehending the disastrous results that can occur, but still, it happens all the time with other drivers on the road. Try as hard as they can, but there’s this invisible grip that devices have on some people. Resisting is such a hard thing to do at times, especially when you know it’s for something important – like a job calling you back to offer you a position. To tell you the truth, it requires a strong will to resist those urges.

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