Saturday, 13 October 2012

How our behaviours & abilities change due to excessive web surfing & using smartphones

During the last decade,neuroscientists have been researching on how cyberspace activities are rewiring our brains.Most of these studies say prolonged web surfing make people incapable of deep engagement.

Now this argument has been extended to gadget addiction and how gadgets changed our brains & behaviours.

it shows how our behaviours & abilities change when surfing web, checking emails frequently or thumbing on smartphones.

Smart Phone Addiction
Many people are known to feel anxious when disconnected from their phone. A global study found 61% of the surveyed kept their phones in the bedroom and they were 60% more likely to wake up and check at night. Many smartphone addicts may show symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder

Facebook and Twitter
Most Facebook and Twitter users are seen to show classic traits of narcissism by repeatedly informing the world about themselves. Psychologists claim that FB & Twitter promote narcissism, but jury is out on this

Email Addiction
Checking email frequently has been linked to procrastination. A study by University of California at Irvine says that being cut off from email reduces stress and increases focus

It is well-known to be a hindrance to learning and can reduce productivity. Switching between tasks also reduces efficiency. Switching between docs reduces understanding

Here are few remedies for Net addiction:
Being offline during times when you would be online.
Having schedules for being offline and online.
Thinking about what you lose for being online too much

These are remedies for obsessions and compulsive behaviour:

Removing distractions from environment.
Taking tech breaks, connecting  more often to nature.
Not using the phone, computer or TV, just before bedtime.
Having family meals without gadgets around you.

source : Economic times

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  1. Well, nice with the remedies. However, it appears like this type of addictions are like smoking. You can´t easily wipe them off.